The key to the Eagle Group’s longevity and ability to thrive even in slow economies is our diverse customer base. We service over 250 customers from dozens of industries. Here is a sampling of some of the industries using Eagle Group castings:

  • Motorcycles
  • Valves (high-pressure oil / natural gas and low-pressure refrigeration / steam)
  • Railroad
  • Truck / Trailer
  • Marine
  • Nozzles / Fittings
  • Forklifts
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Agriculture, Forestry
  • Flow Meters
  • Power Generators
  • Automotive
  • Elevators
  • Pumps
  • Utility
  • Military / Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Food Service
  • Medical
  • Petro / Chemical
  • Gears
  • Compressors
  • Axle and Suspension
  • Office Furniture
  • Air Conditioning.


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